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Plant-A-Palooza Labor Day Sale is back this weekend.....


Greetings from the Garden

I am pleased to announce that our Plant-A-Palooza Labor Day Sale is back!  We are ready to get down and discount!  Perfect timing for the "best time of year to plant".  Our trees, shrubs, perennials, select soils and select garden decor will all be on sale at both stores Friday through Tuesday for Labor Day Weekend.  We are excited and busily trying to get it all organized so it's easy for you to shop and save.  We will also have select trees and shrubs marked down deeply.....up to 6o% off.  Fresh Oregon trees arrived today for fall planting and they include fall colored Maple trees, specialty shrubs and a wonderful selection of cold hardy fruit trees.

Speaking of fruit  How about that fruit this year?  My Nectarine is loaded!  I am thrilled.  I will be canning for days:-)  It has been quite a while since I have had a huge crop of Nectarines, but I love restocking the pantry and they make wonderful gifts for friends and family during the holiday....

Cooler nights have brought the feeling of fall to our doorsteps, and I certainly welcome it.  It's that time of year when planting trees, shrubs and perennials is the most beneficial for rooting.  We get 85% of all our roots in the fall time.  That is but one of the many benefits to planting this time of year.  Less watering, less plant shock, and ease of planting for you top that list.  Our tree and shrub selection is terrific right now, perfect for the sale.  Fresh Garden Mums, Asters & Kale are now adorning the shelves, as well!  I welcome the rich fall colored blossoms right now, they are so beautiful and ready to brighten your fall porches!  Hard to believe it's almost pumpkin sprice time!  We will receive our new fall Root Beeswax Candles the first week in September, the new scents are wild and I cannot wait to get them. So much coming so fast, where does the time go! 

See you in the garden, Melissa

Fresh fall trees arrived today!


September To-Do List:
Feed your Lawn
If you haven't already, it's time to put that last helping of lawn fertilizer down. G&B ORGANICS LAWN FERTILIZER is perfect for creating a thicker, greener lawn. It’s made from natural ingredients that feed the soil and dissolves quickly, and because it is organic, there is no fear of burning your lawn. It also helps reduce thatch, develop a deep root system, and add important nutrients to your lawn. Because it’s natural and organic, it can be applied on grassy areas where children and pets play.
Plant your fall garden
It looks like it is going to start cooling down a bit. It's time to start thinking about getting some Fall garden seeds going. This is a great time to sow lettuce, spinach, radishes, kale, bunching onions, collards, microgreens and other cold hardy vegetables into the garden. We received our Botanical Interest Seeds for the 2024 season and will get our Livingston Seed by Nov.. Stop by and browse through the selection like this favorite; Bloomsdale Spinach.
Plant BULBS!  Yes, bulbs.                  
We have decided to bring back, by popular demand, FALL BULBS!  So get ready, we have a giant selection of Spring Bloomin Deer Resistent bulbs arriving around September 8th.  Including Daffodils, Alliums, Narcissus in all sorts of colors and varieties.  We also have your Fall Hardneck Seed Garlic coming. 

Protect your gardens from Deer!
Now is high deer traffic season!  It's time to spray some Liquid Fence Deer Repellent to keep your veggies and ornamentals safe!  We recommend every two weeks this time of year.  Don't forget that deer are now in velvet, so they will rub unprotected/uncaged trees and destroy them!  Please stop by for more info.    
      Fall is for planting! 
With the temps cooling off right now it's the perfect time to plant some flowering and shade trees..
fresh fall trees arriving soon,
splash some fabulous color 
into your life!!!

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Blooms for Hummingbirds
Hummingbirds fly thousands of miles northward from Mexico, Costa Rica, and other southern places to visit the United States and Canada. In the fall, they return to their southern homes.   Hummingbirds do not have a keen sense of smell and rely on the bright colors of flowers. The preferred hummingbird flowers are red, orange, and pink in color, but the birds eat nectar from flowers of most colors.  They are particularly fond of red and are often observed investigating feeders with red parts and even red clothes on a gardener.  Brightly-colored flowers that are tubular hold the most nectar, and are particularly attractive to hummingbirds. 

Mums the word, sneak on over...
 Now is the perfect time to refresh those worn-out patio pots or add a splash of color!


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