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Father's Day is this Sunday, be a super-star!

Greetings from the Garden

The garden business can be rather chaotic at times, trucks arrive at both garden centers, it seems like daily, filled with blooms on top of blooms. This week is no exception, we have restocked both shops with BOUNTIES OF COLOR!  Spring sprang late and there is stil lots of time to fill a porch pot or add some Wave Petunia's to a bland flowerbed!   We know that many have come to realize that being outside, and getting your fingers in your garden soil can be just the answer to reduce stress, excercise and really find gratitude and peace in your truly works for me.   

It looks like we finally have some wonderful gardening weather on the horizon. I know we have needed the rain, but I am happy to see the sun shining and all the flowers blooming everywhere around town. Also, a gentle reminder, growing your own vegetables allows you to be an active part of what you feed your family. It can be great therapy for older adults as well as young children, teaching skills to help us stay in shape mentally, physically, and emotionally.   Now is the time to get your garden going full steam. Whether you are planting a large new perennial bed or getting ready to grow more of your own food, we are here, and happy to offer you assistance.  Our greenhouse is still brimming with summer vegetables AND we now have Lemon Grass & Citronella to repell those mosquitoes.  

Happy planning....and planting!    Melissa

 June Checklist: 

If you haven't fertilized your lawn yet, don't wait any longer. Warmer weather on the horizon means it's time for your grass to start putting on some real growth. Weak lawns are prime candidates for bug and disease issues. Keep your lawn healthy and it will reward you all summer with G&B Lawn for people & pets!

Did you know that by staggering your seed planting, or Succession Planting, some veggies can be harvested all summer?  This works especially well with lettuce, beets, carrots, green onions and radishes. After your first planting, wait two weeks and plant again. When your first crop is spent, pull it up and replant it. This will ensure freshly picked vegetables all summer long.  It's not to late to plant tomatoes, peppers and warm-season veggies!

Ladybugs are voracious soft bodied insect eaters! They prefer to eat aphids and will devour up to 50 a day, but they will also attack scale, mealy bugs, boil worms, leafhopper, and corn ear worm. They dine only on insects and do not harm vegetation in any way.

Ladybugs should always be released after sundown since they only fly in the daytime. During the night, they will search the area for food and stay as long as there is food for them. The more they eat the more eggs they lay & the more insect eating larvae you will have. It is best if the area has been recently watered. Ladybugs tend to crawl up and toward light. So release them in small groups at the base of plants and shrubs that have aphids or other insects, and in the lower part of trees.  All the moisture we have had this season has created a Superbug Season and ladybugs can greatly reuduce your populations, get yours out tonight!

Now is a great time to start mulching the garden before the heat hits. Not only your vegetable area but your trees, shrubs, and perennials too. Most people think that mulch is just for appearance, but did you know that you can DRASTICALLY cut back your watering needs if your plants are mulched correctly. Mulching 2" of  Kellogg's Gromulch can also DRASTICALLY reduce weed germination, which has been unstoppable in this cooler, rainy spring.  Stop by with measurements and we can tell you exactly how much, and what type to use. 


Website Sign-up begins Saturday, June 17th


June is National Perennial Month!
If you have walked through our garden centers then you know that we LOVE perennials! Why? Because, unlike annuals that give us that needed burst of color for a short period of time, perennials come back year after year after year, bringing color, texture and beauty to the garden. You will find them in almost every color and by planning your garden you can have color and texture ALL season long. Something will always be blooming AND an added bonus is the long list of perennials that deer do NOT eat!  Always a plus.

And to help you celebrate with us,
June 17- 30th, say
"Perennial Plant Power"
and receive 25% off one perennial
of your choice!
(Max value $10, limit one per customer)
1. Coreopsis Moonbeam  2.  Achillia Moonshine  3.  Agastache Hyssop  
4. Echinacea Coneflower  5.  Gaillardia Blanket Flower  6.  Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy  7.  Phlox Summer  8.  Rudbeckia Black-Eyed Susan


Father's Day is June 18th
We have a wonderful selection of gifts for Dad!
Books, BBQ items, tools, gloves, and pruners,
OR how about a new fruit tree to add to, or start an orchard.