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Mother's Day Muffins & Mimosa's..celebrate Mom!




Greetings from the Garden

I hope all of you feel the same sort of satisfaction that I feel when I reach into my garden bed and pluck out a green onion, carrot or beet.  The incredible sense of accomplishment when savory vine ripened tomatoes are sliced and served to friends on a warm baked brie.  I fondly recall all the smoked pepper sauce and rustic apple butter batches that I have canned and preserved over the years.  So many wonderful recipes.  So much to pass on to other gardeners who are interested in dipping into this fabulous past-time of gardening.  As I prepare for another wonderful garden season I realize it is all of you who make it truly special.  Swapping stories of crazy spring weather, mishaps and funny anecdotes with you all makes it a never ending joy ride down the pathway of learning and growing in our lives.   

This seasons best new varieties and most sensational  blooming plants are carpeting our garden shop grounds and we cannot wait to share them with you!  Thousands....and we mean 1000's of new veggies, fruit trees, berries, shrubs, roses, trees, and perennials have arrived....not too mention garden artwork.  We are also  opening our seasonal Chester location Saturday, May 13th! 

As always, I wish you health and abundance in the garden.


Garden To-Do List:

~Take care of your fruit trees!  Time to spray before leaves come on.  Our super wet winter will create a "super bug"  season for us this year.  Keeping them off your plants will increase plant health and   prevent them from spreading.   Please spray Bonide Orchard Spray now to keep bugs   at bay this spring. Controls a wide range of fungal diseases and insects on listed fruit,    vegetables, ornamentals, houseplants, and lawns. Can be used up to the day before your   harvest. This product iis sulfur and pyrethrin and is truly effective and all-purpose.

 Live Ladybugs will also be arriving soon.  Call in to be    added to our text list when they  arrive, (530) 251-   2330!  Ladybugs are voracious eaters and consume their weight in soft bodied insects every day.  We carry the Organic Controls (Orcon) biological insect line.  For serious combat, try the Green Lacewing pack that is mailed directly to your home after registering it onlilne.  Ask about our full line of bio controls today!

~Tired of pulling weeds all summer? Time to mulch. Using a good mulch not only protects your plants against heat stress during the coming warm months, but limits the ability of weed seeds to take hold. Plus, it looks great!  We recommend Kelloggs Gromulch.....
AND, IT'S ON SALE THIS MONTH, Buy 3 bags, Get 1 bag FREE! 

~ Got Worms?  It's time to put out your Codling Moth Traps in your Apple Trees to prevent Apple worms.  Two traps for mature trees is ideal.  In stock now.

~Feed your lawn and garden now, your plants need food!  We love an all-purpose, pelletized feed that can be used on everyting and is people & pet safe!  Use Gardner & Bloome Paradise All Purpose Plant Food for all your feed needs.  It comes in a convenient 4 lb bag or a big 25lb bag for larger gardens!  Find it easily in the bright pink bag!
~ Plant cool-season crops all month!  Not sure which are which?  Stop by for our free guide to Cool & Warm Season Veggies.  It has a handy-dandy icon code to help you quickly navigate spring planting.    
~Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14th, a day we honor our Mom's by showing them we love and care for them!  Bring mom out to our annual Muffin's & Mimosa's, sip and stroll about our gorgeous roses, all in full bloom!  If you can't be here, we also now have our Gift Cards online with an easy email code that can be sent to your Mom any day of the year! 
New Plants Have Arrived

The nursery is full of beautiful, fresh plants. We have all the newest breeding in bloomin' trees, shrubs, perennials, vines and seasonal annuals to spruce up the garden.  Stop in and let us show you what's new, we'd love to catch up!


                            Deer Resistent Plant Pick                          Blooming Peonies

I fell in love with Peonies over 30 years ago and still absolutely adore them!  Luckily, we still have no complaints by gardener's that a deer has ever "munched" their peonies.  This includes the incredible flowers!  I cannot express how much this plant will do for your gardening ego.  Each year it produces more and more buds and blooms, unprovoked by care, soil quality or exposure.  Sun, shade, it is indifferent!  Try one, you will stand over it annually and delight in your abilities!                                 Right now is the best time to find the perfect one, we have over 200 in stock, all ready for planting.             Stop by and check out all the incredible colors.








Mark your calendar!

Saturday, May 13th

Chester Location OPENS
For the Season!

Join us in Chester to see all the new arrivals for Spring! 
Your garden will thank you.

Monday-Saturday 9-5
Sunday 10-3

Join us Sunday May 14th at both stores to celebrate Mother's Day!  Bring your mom out for a fresh muffin and sparkling mimosa and wander the brighly colored pathways of the garden.  We have held this celebration for over 20 years here at the shop and truly love seeing all the families year after year, generation after generation!  I love this day because I get to take some time with my own mom, Linda.  Say "hello" to her in the garden!   It's the best of the, friends and flowers! 


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