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Our Fabulous Fall Calendar of Classes, Events & Garden Tips!

Greetings from the Garden

Fall certainly came in with a bang!  The fall color is incredible...everywhere you look around Lassen & Plumas Counties there are crazy beautiful fall colors--it's so inspiring!  Maybe it's time to think about adding that new tree or shrub to your garden?  I know I I just love fall.  I am ready for all the spices and soups that go with it, even some fall evenings cozied up on the patio with a blanket and the firepit, let's do this!   
Fall in the garden can be a crazy time with wildly fluctuating temperatures! All the amazing colors - deep reds, bright yellows & burnt oranges dress up your plants and prepare us for the cooler months ahead.

Fall is for Planting!  You've probably heard that phrase many times.  Why exactly is fall the best time to plant?   It all has to do with the roots!  During the fall months, soil temperatures are perfect for root growth. Why does that matter? Roots are where plants store energy! The healthier the roots, the healthier the plant. Root establishment in the fall provides a place for plants to store energy for use in the spring. In addition to storage capacity, a larger root system going into the summer months is great if we encounter prolonged dry periods. A large root system can mean the difference between dragging the hose around all winter or just adding occasional supplemental water. We have highlighted a few things below that you can be doing now to assure you a beautiful and productive spring. 

Stop in and take advantage of our fall planting specials happening right now.   As always, thank you for your support.  We love what we do, helping you!  

Melissa & the Team                                                                     

October To-do List
~ Continue watering                               
newly planted trees, shrubs & perennials unless we get an extremely large of amount of early snowpack in November (unlikely).  Plants need water into late December when the ground freezes.   Watering 2x per week is adequate in late October until late December, again, unless we get a large amount of precipitation.

 ~ Protect your trees
from rubbing and trunk guard 
chewing animals with bark guards or caging.  Now is the time the deer do the most damage rubbing and chewing your trees!  It is super important to fence, cage, trunk guard and protect your young trees from the deer rubbing!  After snowfall, rabbits eat your bark and girdle your trees.  

~Apply mulches now
-use G & B Soil Building Compost or Harvest Supreme to mulch and protect trees and shrubs from winter damage!  Use at least 2" around trees, shrubs & perennials, being careful to not pile mulch on trunk or crown of the plant.

~ Last chance to fertilizer  
trees, fruits, shrubs, and perennials so they can store nutrients over the winter to encourage strong roots, abundants spring blooms &
 deep green foliage!  Always use organic when fertilizing in burning or forced growth!   We recommend G&B Bud & Bloom Booster for your landscape and G&B Fruit and Vegetable for all your overwintering edibles and herbs.

~ Winterize your lawn
with G&B Organic Lawn Food, specially formulated to release fertilizer for your grass as it needs it.  This amazing food is safe for both people & pets and can be distributed throughtout the landscape...good stuff!  For more information on why our Lawn Fertilizer is so effective, check out this article at Your Guide to Organic Lawn Fertilzer

Now is a great time to re-seed those bare patches also, and then add some Topper to give that extra boost.  Older lawns really need a top-coating of Topper at about 1/4" every 2-3 years.  It adds organic matter and helps protect & feed the living soil under your lawn.

~ Prune trees and shrubs
AFTER they lose their leaves, heading-back creates bushiness and thinning creates shape....we have a GREAT selection of pruning books, and Fiscars Loppers & Pruners. Our staff is always excited to
assist you with any questions you might have

~Plant trees & shrubs now 
October is the perfect time to plant!  Remember, you are always planting for the next season, and plants will do 80% + of thier rooting over the next 2 months.  The soil is very warm, perfect conditions for root growth, and the air temps are cooler....perfect for you, too!


Plus, we have the perfect tree, shrub or perennial for you in stock right now!!

 Have you wandered through our houseplant section recently? Lots of beautiful new arrivals. Now is the time to bring a new "friend" into the home. 
Want to put a striking Fall Container on your front porch?
We can help you put together one just for you!!!


Fall into your favorite home & garden inspiration!