Time to Rev up the Lawn


It's not to early to start thinking about the gorgeous green summer lawn. Now is the time to get all your gear in proper working order before the super busy gardening season starts. If you haven't already, get your lawnmower blades sharpened and clean up/ oil the mower. Make sure you have trim for the weedeater and that all your sprinklers are working correctly. Coverage, or lack of,  is one of the biggest problems. Make sure your sprinklers overlap so that you are covering every piece of your lawn. Don't forget to re-adjust your sprinkler times as the weather gets warmer too.

Another great way to get your lawn ready is to have it aerated or thatched. This lets air and nutrients penetrate your lawn easier. After having that done, make sure and add a nice thin layer of Topper by Kellogg's to your lawn. This is a soil amendment that will work it's way into the roots and help all summer. 

You can also go ahead and get your first helping of fertilizer going. We recommend Gardner & Bloome Lawn Fertilizer. Because it is organic, it is slow release and you lawn will wake up beautifully and happy. 

A few steps now will make you the envy of the neighborhood all summer.