Early Signs

There are few things better than seeing those first few signs of Spring popping up out of your garden. If you are like us you have been anxiously awaiting any sign of green after the winter that we have had. Between the snow / rain / snow / rain/ WIND, we all are ready to get out in the garden. 

There are a few things that you can be doing now even with this temperamental weather that will help your garden all season. All this moisture can be used to "push down" amendments that you add to the soil now.  These will start to work within weeks of adding them, adding much needed nutrients to the garden. 

Another wonderful way to help your bulbs along is to add some mulch if they start peeking their little heads up to soon. Daffodils and crocus are fine, but quite often tender tulip bulbs will start to pop up if we have some warm sunny days. While they are growing fast, they sure aren't ready yet to produce those beautiful blossoms. This is where some mulch can come in quite handy. Just get a bag or two, of either a bark product, or even better some Black Forest Compost, and place it all around the base of your tulips. Don't even worry if you cover them up a little. They will come up through the mulch at the time they should and be better protected and nourished because of it. 

Take every opportunity on sunny days to place yourself out in your garden. Even if you can't get much work done because of the snowpack or ice, you can still envision where some new plantings are going to go or start a mental list of tasks to be done as soon as the soil is workable. There will be plenty of time for weeding, and harvesting, before you know it.