Living Christmas Trees are HERE!

Living Christmas Trees are here!

A living Christmas tree is an increasingly popular choice, especially among new homeowners and families with young children. Make a memory that lives on for years to come.

Potted trees can be planted outdoors after the holidays to improve the environment, furnish food and shelter for wildlife and improve landscape aesthetics. Those who select this option can "have their cake and eat it too," because a live tree keeps on giving long after the New Year's bowl games have come and gone.

Stop in and see the beautiful selection that we just received this week. Pick your special tree out, pay for it, and we will care for it until you are ready to pick it up in December. When you get ready to plant it, we recommend either Gromulch or Gardner and Bloome Acid Mix. Don't forget to use some Starter Fertilizer and mulch it in real well with Black Forest after you plant. Simply the best for your tree!