Gardening Matters

If you live in this area than you know that it can sometimes be extremely difficult to have the lush green landscape that most of us seem to be hungry for.  We want the soft dappled shade of large trees, the eye-popping reds and yellows of perennial beds lined with vibrant green hosta and ferns, and the lush soft lawns that they always show in the magazines.  What we sometimes forget in the quest for the perfect landscape is that we live in an area that sometimes does not give us nutrient wise what our gardens need.  I am not saying that is not possible to have all of those listed above, just drive around town and you will see them. But they come with a price, and the nice thing is, it is a price that doesn’t have to break the bank. All that is really needed to have the landscape you are searching for can be summed up in a few words: Improve your Soil!!

Organic matter, or rather “lack of organic matter” is the main gardening problem that people face. If you don’t take the time to correct your soil before you start a planting project, you could possibly be throwing away all the money you paid for the plants, or all the time it took for you to start and nurse your seeds along.  Compost is the quickest and most effective way to have the garden of your dreams.  You can start a compost pile of your own for free! Just start piling up those grass clippings, leafs and kitchen scraps. Turn them with some water occasionally and before you know it you will have rich black compost. Ok, maybe there is a slight bit more to it than that, but not much. Don’t have room for a compost pile or think it might look unsightly in your neighborhood? You can purchase ready made ORGANIC SOIL AMENDMENTS right here at the nursery. The added benefit to that is the quick fix that you will achieve.  

A large majority of the country is now realizing what our grandparents’ generation tried to teach us; that by tending to the soil, we can not only grow our own vegetables in a healthy and productive way, but we can benefit also from the joy and satisfaction of gardening.  Adding nutrients before you even plant can almost guarantee that you will have a bountiful harvest.

Perhaps you are making plans this year for your very first vegetable garden, or expanding on an existing one.  You might be encouraging a young child with their first garden by helping them start some seeds.  Whichever direction you are headed this spring, just remember to Feed the Soil with some compost, and let the soil in turn feed your plants.

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